Five types of weapons of the warrior
  • Presidents’ Address

    Dauren Mussa

    The Turkic nations have always been treasuring the admirable principles of upbringing of the younger generation in compliance with the splendid ancestral traditions kept by the Grand Steppe ever since time immemorial. In process of time it was resolved to set up «Bes Qaru» Association.

  • Ethnography of arms

    Ethnography of arms

    The Kazakh epos often refers to the five types of military weapons, which the Kazakh batyrs, the representatives of the professional warriors’ class, were armed with. There is a Kazakh proverb, which reads as “Yer karauy – bes qaru”, and translates as “Arms of a warrior are the five types of weapons”.

  • Kazaksha Tobeles

    Kazaksha Tobeles

    The principal objective of «Kazakhsha Tobeles» is to encourage a person to maintain a proper physical fitness, to test his skills and willingness to defend his household, friends, family, his homeland and nurturing his moral strength.

  • The equestrian sport industry

    The equestrian sport industry

    Kazakhstan people traditionally are fascinated with horse competitions. However, this spiritual requirement was not organizing realized until the present time. Moreover, it was not achieve the level of equestrian sport industry.

  • Citizens of the Great Steppe

    Citizens of the Great Steppe

    We are different, like fingers on a hand
    We are open, like an open palm
    We are kind as a handshake
    We are gentle, like mother's hand
    But we can become stiff curled into a fist

Through revival of fundamental principles of martial arts, the Bes Qaru Assosiation seeks to develop education of the spiritual component of lives of modern men.
At the Presidium Plenary Meeting of the International Academy of Martial Arts there was a resolution adopted on decoration of Timur Kulibayev and Gulmira Tolganbayeva with ‘Oscar Awards for Sports’ as recognition of their considerable contribution into sports development in Kazakhstan based on the outcome of the year of 2013
Widespread response was caused by the President’s Address to people of Kazakhstan. In Almaty under the chairmanship of Dauren Mussa, renowned entrepreneur and public character there was a meeting of KIT Group Companies and ‘Bes Qaru’ Federation conducted at which the high-priority tasks outlined by the Head of State were discussed.
«Royal Tulip Almaty» became the venue for conduction of a meeting for summarization of ‘Bes Qaru’ Federation’s activities under the chairmanship of Dauren Mussa, renowned businessman and public figure.
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