Five types of weapons of the warrior
«A Victorious Warrior may be recognized by his Armament»

This title «Bes Qaru» literally means «Five types of weapons». But this implication shouldn’t be perceived verbally. Are we talking about the weapon as a tool for murdering or an instrument for protection? In our comprehension «Bes Qaru» implies five human character traits which include: moral courage, vigor, diligence, commitment and affection.

«Bes Qaru» Association is the national multidisciplinary association which incorporates National Federation of Professional Combat Sports Jiu Jitsu, the Federation of «Equestrian Industries»,«Kazakhsha Tobeles» and Scientific-Educational magazine «Traveler’s World» and is closely cooperating with the Academy of Arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Its primary objective is to ensure the revival of martial arts, armament ethnography and ethnic cultural heritage. At the heart of the philosophy of «Bes Qaru» Association there is an aspiration to show the world through a high-spirited warrior’s eyes, who is ready to sacrifice his own life for the sake of superior ideals. Practice has shown that at the bottom of any nation’s might and prosperity there is not only physical vigor, but also strong will and affection for the native land. Thanks to these spiritual values our grand forefathers were able to preserve our homeland’s integrity, which stretches out from the Caspian Sea to the Altai despite our small-numbered nation.

Dauren Mussa, President of the Association defined the principle of formation of «Bes Qaru» in the following way: «A powerful country is formed by strong-willed persons. Therefore each new generation needs their own heroes, who will show up only when people bear in memory their own historical background and remember the names of their defenders. Independent Kazakhstan needs strong protectors ready to defend our vast expanses, to protect the land which was left to us by the brave warriors of the past days. All this spiritual treasure should not be left behind or lost. The way you treat your ancestors is the way your descendants will treat you».

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