Five types of weapons of the warrior
Presidents’ Address

The Turkic nations have always been treasuring the admirable principles of upbringing of the younger generation in compliance with the splendid ancestral traditions kept by the Grand Steppe ever since time immemorial. In process of time on May 29, 2002 it was resolved to set up ‘Bes Qaru’ Association incorporated into the Association of National Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the primary purpose to preserve those commemorative rituals and traditions, hand them down from generation and to follow the forefathers’ traditions which was supposed to be incorporated into the Association of National Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 

This denomination «Bes Qaru» literally means «Five types of weapons». But this implication shouldn’t be perceived bluntly. Are we talking about the weapon as a tool for murdering or an instrument for protection? In our comprehension «Bes Qaru» implies five human character traits which include: moral courage, physical and mental vigor, diligence, commitment and affection Creative team of «Bes Qaru»’s’ craftsmen are extremely proficient at restoring and recreating exclusive types of armament, household items and thus trying to preserve the ancestors’ priceless heritage.

It is our intention and genuine aspiration to promote and spur the development of national kinds of sports because over centuries such traits like vigor, moral courage and will power had been always esteemed and highly appreciated. Martial arts have also been in the focus of intense attention because its philosophy in many ways resonates and coincides with the world outlook and ideas of the Grand Steppe. Independent Kazakhstan needs to be secured by vigorous and powerful defenders who are capable to take care, preserve our vast expanses and keep the integrity of the lands the way they had been preserved for us by the fearless warriors of the past. These thoughts should always be kept in mind and one should not lose sight of them. One more point that has to be remembered is that the way one treats his ancestors that is the way this person will be treated by his descendants.

Time relentlessly wipes out all the creations produced by a human being only memories are timeless. The future gets shaped on the basis of the present and with the aid of the past, and memory is the sole cord that links our present with the vanished ancestors. Therefore in order to avoid any discredit and forgetfulness «Bes Qaru» Association is striving to revive such titles like “People’s Hero – Khalyk Batyry’ as an institution of recognition of one’s valiant deeds and acknowledgment of the contribution made by this brave warrior and hard worker for making benefits to his own people, and to ensure that this person’s image is kept in human memory. This honorary rank will be conferred to outstanding folk heroes only in accordance with public views.

The initiation of this brand new title is extremely essential primarily for the rising generation because present-day children and youngsters have to be simply diverted from the adverse impact of certain modern TV programs and unfavorable effect of the outside world. Therefore it has been resolved to bestow this title to those citizens who had glorified the country and made it famous among the international community. These might be persons of any age, the key point is that this person should be a great pattern for rising generation and encourage the youngsters follow his example. One of the principal targets of the Federation is to ensure the revival of the fundamental principles of martial arts, to boost and incentivize the love of the Homeland among the rising generation, to set up a stable foundation for a strong and highly educated community.

Dauren MUSSA
‘Bes Qaru’ Association Founder and President

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