Five types of weapons of the warrior
Kazaksha Tobeles

Revival of Traditions «Kazakhsha Tobeles» as one of «Bes Qaru» Association’s Activities Manifestation

Martial arts originated from a regular fist-fighting tournament which has been common among many nations. This type of duel is different from martial arts fight which pursues the main objective to physically suppress the opponent as compared to Kazakhsha tobeles where the principal purpose is to show what you're made of without hurting the rival. In this type of fight there are neither «hostiles» no «adversaries» instead there’s only а contest of good friends and confidants.

The principal objective of «Kazakhsha Tobeles» is to encourage a person to maintain a proper physical fitness, to test his skills and willingness to defend his household, friends, family, his homeland and nurturing his moral strength. A real lion will never hurt a rabbit! On top of that, a proper command of martial arts skills enables an unarmed person to feel confident and secured in any situation, no matter how tough the circumstances might be.

Kazakhsha Tobeles tournaments encourage many youngsters to self-actualize and cognize their capability to shape their destiny. In rough conditions a proper command of Kazakhsha Tobeles will enable to display not only a person’s physical vigor, but also his resiliency, diplomacy, resourcefulness to ensure that he may really avoid «tough clashes»! There is a folk wise proverb which says: «The best battle is the one that has been won without even being started». As practice has shown the toughest confrontation that a human being might encounter is a struggle with his own nature, his own disgraceful thoughts or misdemeanor! Therefore Kazakhsha tobeles may contribute to cultivation of a person’s strong will power and self-control reinforcement!

«Bes Qaru» Association which is encouraging the revitalization and cultivation of national traditions and sports activities has been instrumental in conduction of a number of tournaments on the Republican and international levels, including three world championships held in Las-Vegas, Almaty and Atlantic City.

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