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Team of masters

«Royal Tulip Almaty» became the venue for conduction of a meeting for summarization of ‘Bes Qaru’ Federation’s activities under the chairmanship of Dauren Mussa, renowned businessman and public figure.

‘Bes Qaru’ Federation is a republican multi-purpose association which incorporates the ‘National Federation of Professional Combat Sports Jiu Jitsu’, Federation of ‘Equestrian Industries’, ‘Kazakhsha Tobeles’, Scientific & Educational Magazine ‘Traveler’s World which closely cooperates with the Academy of Arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan. This meeting was attended by the Federation representatives who finalized the past year’s results and shared their plans for the future. Among the speakers there were: Vladimir Shirin, Managing Director of «KIT Group», Askhat Karatabanov, Vice President of ‘Bes Qaru’ Federation, Kanat Tleumbetov, Vice President of ‘Jiu-Jitsu Combat Federation’and Bakhytzhan Baisalbayev, Vice President of ‘Jiu-Jitsu Combat Federation’ Alexander Kornev, Head of NGO «Brand New Innovative Technologies», Vladimir Kakaulin, Editor-in-Chief of ‘Traveler’s World’ magazine. One of the outstanding features of the meeting was the honoring ceremony of Jiu-Jitsu world champions who had been performing under the umbrella ofJiu-Jitsu Combat Federation’ and who had received high-rank awards after gained victories at the world championships in Suzdal and Jaworzno (Poland), Almaty Open Asian Championship. In his welcome speech Dauren Mussa expressed his sincere appreciation to all the athletes and their coaches and marked the following: «It happened so that all of us live in challenging but very exciting time – the period of formation and establishment of independent Kazakhstan. This is the time when each of us is facing a tough choice – to live either for the sake of his own materialistic pleasures or to dedicate his vital power in the name of the homeland’s benefits. Am proud that our Federation was capable to raise a whole team of world champions, lion-hearted fighters, and genuine sports masters. Needless to say that all the triumphant accomplishments were reached due to their hard work and all the athletes deserve a lot of praise and appreciation, but more important is that our athletes have brilliantly showed that the Kazakh land is capable to give birth not only to glorious champions but show to the world that here we cherish and carry on our ancestors’ honored traditions. Glancing at these athletes their peers will certainly comprehend that such notions as the honor, dignity and valor are still alive and if following these principles anybody can ascend to the peak of glory and gain victory». President of ‘Bes Qaru’ Federation distinguished the following world champions, tournaments of Asia, CIS for displayed bravery, moral courage and will-to-win spirit, among them there were: Temirlan Aissadilov, Asu Almabayev, Bekpai Beghulan, Maxat Bukhabayev, Kanat Zhakypbayev, Chinghiz Kassimov, Yerlan Tleumbetov, Nurlan Tleumbetov and also there two charming ladies who were fabulous at the tournament: Akzhan Baityrbayeva and Albina Djakupova. Together with the athletes their trainers were also bestowed with valuable gifts as recognition of their outstanding contribution to the sports activities promotion. Among the best instructors there were Kanat Tleumbetov, Vice-President of the National Federation of Professional Combat Sports Jiu Jitsu and Meirzhan Kashaganov, Senior Coach. The honored guests who were attending the awarding ceremony also welcomed the outstanding Kazakh athletes. Among the guests of honor there were: Sarah Mustafina, Head of the Almaty Correspondent Bureau of Information Agency ‘KazInform’ and Salamat Mukhammed-Ali, Film Director of ‘The Whole World at our Feet’ feature movie (the movie which has become famous due to eight Hollywood famous movie stars and it was produced by Dauren Mussa and Armand Assante). It is expected that this film would become an incredible surprise for the Kazakhstani audience in the coming new year. But the attention of the young and promising athletes was focused on the speech of Svetlana Kan, iconic Taekwondo champion, exclusive holder of the sixth dan rank black belt in Central Asia, Assistant Professor of the Kazakh Academy for Sports & Tourism. The participation at the meeting of Prof. Victor Inyushin, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Biological Physics Dept. Professor of the Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi and Bakhytzhan Bektepov, General Director of LLP ‘Aiko-Invest’ was particularly highlighted in mass media sources. The scientists talked about the finding made by Kazakh Biological physicists headed by Victor Inyushin, who had invented ‘HydroPlasma’ (unique structures of uncoupled particles discovered in natural water). He talked about the results of his researches targeted at production of HydroPlasma on the basis of bioplasmic generating technologies. As it was summarized by the scholars this ‘aqua vitae’ would be acting as the key chain in the biological structure in helping the human body to combat numerous ailments and to facilitate to survive in ecologically damaged environment. Especially for athletes this brand new substance will be helpful to tone up and energize. Kanat Tleumbetov, Vice-President of the National Federation of Professional Combat Sports Jiu Jitsu, long-term coach in his concluding remarks on behalf of all the athletes and trainers of the national team expressed the heart-felt appreciation to ‘Bes Qaru’ Federation management for the ongoing care-giving attitude to the Kazakhstani sportsmen and underlined that: «All good things are generated by heavenly thoughts. Any benevolent action may become successful when it is driven by the heavenly thoughts. Any deed will become productive when it is coming from the pure mind and open heart. Therefore I would like to wish all our athletes, trainers and the entire Kazakh nation to have more heavenly thoughts visit them in the future».

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