Five types of weapons of the warrior
We are building up our future together

Widespread response was caused by the President’s Address to people of Kazakhstan. In Almaty under the chairmanship of Dauren Mussa, renowned entrepreneur and public character there was a meeting of KIT Group Companies and ‘Bes Qaru’ Federation conducted at which the high-priority tasks outlined by the Head of State were discussed.

Dauren Mussa finalized the work of the multiple-purpose holding company which incorporates companies affiliated with subsoil use entities and which also comprehends the activities of the ‘National Federation of Professional Combat Sports Jiu Jitsu’, Federation of ‘Equestrian Industries’, ‘Kazakhsha Tobeles’, Scientific & Educational Magazine ‘Traveler’s World’. He noted that «on the spacious windswept lands of our country the united Kazakh nation is pursuing its exclusive future target aimed at the implementation of ‘Kazakhstani Path -2050. The objectives of formation of the National Conception and associated to it the elaboration of the Patriotic Act «Mangelik Yel» is extremely close by its spirit to ‘Bes Qaru’ Federation, which for decades had been promoting and developing the national sports and martial arts in the country. It is well-known that from time immemorial for the Kazakhs it was traditional to cultivate strong will power, moral courage and love for the homeland among specifically among the rising generation. Within this context it was crucial for us to raise combat sports world champions capable to serve as genuine leaders for young Kazakhs in terms of devotion for the motherland and righteous patriotism fostering». As Dauren Mussa marked: «Extremely topical for us is the goal outlined by the Head of State targeted at making a breakthrough on the basis of innovative technologies. At proper time we managed to retain Joint-Stock Company ‘Baikonur Rocket-&-Space Company’ which is boosting modern technologies improvement in the sphere of science and medicine in particular (this issue has been exceptionally outlined in the President’s Address). Under the supervision of Prof. Inyushin we managed to devise brand new technologies for HydroPlazma production, known as ‘aqua vitae’. Hopefully in the future this new substance will help our nationals to combat incurable and severe diseases, and withstand the adverse impact of anthropogenic environment». «Jointly with the nation of Kazakhstan, – Dauren Mussa summarized, – we have to put best efforts and ensure that the targets outlined by Nursultan Nazarbayev, Head of State in his Address for attaining the ‘Kazakhstani Path -2050’ are successfully implemented because we pursue the common objectives, have the common interests and share the common future’.

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