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Oscar awards for sports granted to kazakhstani citizens

At the Presidium Plenary Meeting of the International Academy of Martial Arts there was a resolution adopted on decoration of Timur Kulibayev and Gulmira Tolganbayeva with ‘Oscar Awards for Sports’ as recognition of their considerable contribution into sports development in Kazakhstan based on the outcome of the year of 2013.

Under the supervision of Timur Kulibayev the Republican Federation for Boxing has managed to contribute to Kazakhstan’s past boxing reputation and fame recovery. In all the regions of the country boxing centers and brand new sports facilities have been built and rehabilitated and for that purpose additional solid investments had been attracted. After chairing at the Combat Sports Confederation and Strength Sport, which incorporates Federation for Boxing, Wrestling, Weight-lifting and Judo, Timur Kulibayev pooled up required resources and potential capabilities of these Federations in ensuring the growth and development of both grassroots and elite sports activity. There have been scientific methods for the integrated system establishment for personnel training, besides there have been multiple-purpose (event) facilities built furnished with advanced equipment and modern accessories, also there has been a sports medical aid center built. Speaking of Gulmira Tolganbayeva, she contributed a lot to the promotion and extension of the National Professional Combat Jiu-Jitsu Federation. The national team from Kazakhstan was decorated with six gold medals out of seven possible at the 2012 World Jiu-Jitsu Championship held in Kiev. Last year at the IVth World Combat Jiu-Jitsu Championship among adults and youngsters held in Suzdal the athletes representing the Federation won 16 gold, 7 silver and 6 bronze medals. At the VIIIth world championship for Combat Sports Jiu Jitsu held under the auspices of the International Sports Jiu Jitsu Federation (ISJA), which was held in Jaworzno (Poland) the national team from Kazakhstan secured premiere places and at individual competitions they gained 7 gold and 4 silver medals. At the Asian open championship for Sports Jiu Jitsu organized in Almaty last December the Kazakhstani athletes won 11 gold medals out of 12 possible. The Oscar Awards ceremony is conducted annually in Atlantic-City (New Jersey, USA) and is one of most momentous events in the sphere of martial arts and combat sports. This high-profile event is traditionally attended by distinguished political figures, businessmen, renowned talent, internationally acknowledged and highly awarded athletes. Dauren Mussa, judging by the results of 2011 was decorated with Oscar Award for Sports by the International Academy for Martial Arts (USA), and in 2013 he became the first citizen of Kazakhstan recognized as an honorary member of the Presidium of this authoritative organization. Dauren Mussa is also a distinguished entrepreneur and public figure, President of ‘Bes Qaru’ Federation and “KIT Group” Company, Master of Sports of 5-th dan rank for Jiu Jitsu, Honorary Member of the US International Martial Arts Academy Presidium. In his welcome speech Dauren Mussa commented on the Oscar Awards granted to Kazakhstani athletes: «The US Martial Arts Academy is an organization which may be regarded as Martial Arts Congress and receiving high-class awards is a good sign of dynamically developing Kazakhstani sports on the world arena».

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